Yes, we are most definitely having fun yet.

Sorry, Twilighties: this blog has nothing to do with vampires.  Instead, “vampires” refers to the fact that I’m going to talk about all the things in life that suck my brainpower away from developing a unified field theory, or solving the Middle East crises, or whatever I should be doing to make the world a better place. My little vampires are things like baseball, my daughters (for now, we’ll call them Little Vamp and Baby Vamp), toys, food, drinks (mmmmm…beeeeeer), books, television, or music.

“Vampires are Everywhere” is also an obscure reference to an old “Far Side” cartoon, which shows a guy standing on a soapbox shouting, “Vampires are everywhere! You must believe me!” Meanwhile in the background, workman are carrying a large mirror and the only reflection you see in the mirror is the guy standing on the soapbox.

But this is not a blog about vampires. Most of the time.



  1. Enable WordPress subscriptions so I can track when you update your blog, Auntie. I’m trying the “notify me of site updates” feature, but RSS is easier for me to track.

    Thanks, loves to family. Talk soon.

    • Okay. I think I have it set up. I didn’t think to enable subscriptions before.

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