Posted by: dodgrblu | June 30, 2010

Fear and Loathing in San Francisco



On Wednesday, the Dodgers completed a three-game sweep over the hated Giants in San Francisco. Better still, the division-leading Padres lost two of three to the Rockies this week, so the Dodgers are back in second place in the West, and only three games back of the division lead. (For the moment, let’s not think about where they’d be if they hadn’t gone practically 0-for-interleague.)

Now THIS is more like it!

Rafael Furcal is hot, hot, hot. Matt Kemp got off the pine and smacked a couple of hits, including a home run. And Andre Ethier got… a day off. Which, based on Monday’s and Tuesday’s games, I’m guessing he needed. I hope he’s back to his normal (by which I mean extraordinary) hit-spraying self on Friday in his hometown.

Of course, let’s face it: nothing is really fixed:

  • Depending on what the MRI of Manny’s hamstring shows, things could be even worse than they were on Sunday.
  • The Dodgers still need a quality starter. (Cliff Lee! Cliff Lee!)
  • Ethier has hit only one home run since his stint on the DL (but it was good to see him hitting to all fields last weekend).
  • Inconsistency runs rampant in starting pitching, bullpen, and the offense.

No, all is still not peachy keen in Dodgertown.

But the Dodgers swept the Giants in San Francisco, and you know what? THAT AIN’T EVER BAD! (So take your “Beat L.A.” and SUCK IT, Giants fans, SUCK IT!)

Really, though, it seems to me that the Giants fans hate the Dodgers (and all things Dodgers) more ardently than the Dodgers fans hate the Giants et al.

It seems a lot like the rivalry in football between the Seattle Seahawks and the Oakland Raiders. Seahawks fans hate the Raiders a lot more vehemently than the Raiders fans hate the Seahawks. (The Raiders save their blackest hatred for the Broncos.)

Maybe it’s just that “Beat L.A!” makes a better chant than anything anybody can come up with for San Francisco.

Or could it be that green-eyed beast called Jealousy? The Dodgers have won the World Series five times since moving to the West Coast. The Giants have never won the World Series since coming out West. (Ah, it pleases me greatly to type that.)

Back to the analogy: the Raiders have won the Super Bowl four times, and the Seahawks have never won it all. More to the point were all those AFC Championships the Raiders won over the Seahawks, back when the Seahawks were still in the AFC.

Oh, I do hate the Giants. But truth be told, I hate the Atlanta Braves and the New York Yankees just as much or more.

Still, there’s really nothing like a good old-fashioned Dodger beat-down of the Giants.

And I’ll rest easier tonight knowing that the chilled and bitter Giants fans are even colder and more bitter than they were on Monday. All they have to keep them warm is their hatred. And all of those fuzzy panda hats.

Embarrassed Panda

Nothing like supporting your team by embarrassing an endangered species.


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